Euphoria pigments lips (10 ml)

Designer: COMODA cosmetics

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Unit Price
Light Rose 310
Coral 330
Nude 350
Raspberry 315
Tea Rose 335
Peach 355
Red Wine 320
Red Brown 340
Caramel 360
Cherry 325
Terraccotta 345
Salmon 365
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EUPHORA permanent make-up colors are developed based on years of research into the retention of pigment in the skin. Through a thorough analysis of the composition of colors, types of pigments and anatomy of human skin, it was possible to create a formula that allows a retention of more than 90% of the pigment, at a first treatment. This makes repetitions of treatments almost unnecessary.

EUPHORA colors give a very nice shade on eyebrows and eyelids. Sensational effects are also achieved for the lips, which is one of the most difficult places to pigment. The lips are already very well saturated with red color after a first treatment, which perfectly covers the natural color of the lips.

By pigmenting with EUPHORA colors you can enjoy expressive, vibrant colors and a beautiful natural effect. EUPHORA colors are produced in accordance with the Cosmetics Directives of the European Union (EU Resolution ResAP 2008/1).