Micro Tonic (475 ml)

Designer: COMODA cosmetics

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Our liquid gold in a bottle!

The Membrane MicroTonic aftercare is a soothing and refreshing natural tonic, that cleanses and soothes the traumatised tissue, for all skin types.
Ideal during & after pigmentation of all areas.

MicroTonic has a delicate amber color and is derived from the purest, natural, synthetic-free ingredients carefully formulated to lock in pigment by soothing the skin and promoting rapid wound healing.

  • Soothes irritated skin ⠀
  • Reduces inflammation ⠀
  • Promotes faster wound healing
  • It's 100% natural ⠀

Your results will improve and your clients will benefit.
3 sizes now available (mono dose mini, small & large)

Tip? Combine the MicroTonic with the MicroBalm aftercare.