BioEvolution VENA device all-in

Designer: COMODA cosmetics

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The BioEvolution appliances are characterized by the high needle capacity and the precision of the needle – impartial to the density and elasticity of the skin. This minimalizes the bleeding and discomfort for the customer. Thanks to the precision of the needle, the pigment line is completely consistent and not serrated. The innovative POWER LINER technology - which is used in the handpiece - makes for a continuous frequency, power and predictability, regardless of the change in skin structures. The benefits of this function are more pigment in the skin, at a more consistent pace, resulting in a quicker treatment, a faster healing process and a more precise treatment.


  • Needle frequency: 50-150 injections per second (setting repeatedly 10)
  • The ergonomic aluminium hand-piece is characterized by very noiseless operation without oscillation and vibration. It does not overheat, even during prolonged treatments. 
  • The SECURE needle is meant for one-time use, the PROTECT system minimises the possibility of infection without the need for sterilising separate pats in an autoclave.
  • The click-in system makes for a quick cartridge assembly.
  • Swift needle length adjustment 
  • Control panel: glas and aluminium.
  • Footswitch.
  • Including leather, hand-sewn bag the value of €750.