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Cartridges with traditional needles are ideal for pigmenting delicate as well as stiffer skin, thanks to the use of razor-sharp, stable needles. A correctly selected hardness of the needle makes the injection very precise, as to minimise skin injuries and bleeding. The fast and strong penetration of the needle deep into the skin makes for an even, fluent line of injections. More pigment remains in the skin and the healing period visibly shortens after the treatment By using such solutions.


  • treatment at every pace or 900, 600, 450
  • optionally short, medium or long needle injections

BioEvolution Cartridges contain an integrated system of a needle with an adapter which ensures the highest norm of safety and hygiene. The needle inside of the artificial housing is sterile clean. While using the cartridge, the intern filter limits the amount of colour and blood that would flow back to the hand-piece. The possibility of infection during the treatment is minimised.

To guarantee the safety, the cartridges are packaged in vacuum bags and sterilised with ethyleenoxide. When the cartridge is removed from the hand-piece, the needle will automatically withdraw into the adapter. This prevents unwanted injections and protects against potential infections with virusses that cause serious illnesses, like AIDS or viral hepatitis. The cartridge contains a pigment container. It contains the amount of colour that is sufficient for a normal treatment.

Cartridge 1 liner 0.30

Needle designed for the making of clear lines, colours, eyebrow pigmentation with the help of powder or ombre techniques.

Also recommended for shadow and lip contours, as well as the pigmentation of the eyelids, scalp and nipple reconstruction.


Cartridge 3 liner 0.30

Needle designed for eyeliner, strong eyebrows and lipliners, also suitable for slightly thicker skin.


Cartridge 3 micro 0.3

Universal and very popular needle!

Three accurately linked needles give a beautiful, soft outline of the lips, powder brows or eyeliners.


Cartridge 3 outline 0.3

Needle used for pigmentation of the eyebrows and lips, the filling of soft shadows of bigger surfaces.


Cartridge 4 flat 0.35

Four needles next to one anther gives the possibility for faster pigmentation of bigger surfaces. The effect of soft powder- and shadow techniques of eyebrows and lips is created.


Cartridge 5 round 0.3

Creates a lot of pigment for a bigger colour-saturation. Used to shade the lips and eyebrows. Lets you create thick lines. Not suited for thin, delicate skin, lipcontours.


Cartridge 7 round 0.3

Creates a lot of pigment for a strong coverage and the colouring of bigger areas. Meant for harder, stiffer skin, resistant for pigment absorption. Also used to remove pmu. 

The design of the cartridge prevents any spillage of the product. The shape of the needle is designed in such a precise manner that there's the highest possible precision in the placement of the colour in the skin, with the least possible damage.