Hustle Butter Deluxe Mini's

Designer: Hustle Butter

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Comes in a display of 24 pieces, 30 ml each.

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a 100% natural, 100% organic, VEGANISTIC replacement for all petroleum products for skin preparation beforehand, as a tattoo lubricant during the tattoo process and for care afterwards. It is made from mango, coconut, papaya and shea butter among others and has a host of benefits:

It does not remove stencils.

  • NO petroleum build-up, so no clogged tubes or broken gloves.
  • Promotes healing, reduces redness, swelling and bleeding.
  • Skin stays workable, no more overworked highlights, yellow and white goes in during the first time.... color has never gone in so easily!
  • REPLACE all petroleum products today! Hustle Butter Deluxe allows new tattoos to heal faster with unparalleled results...results that last a LONG time!!!

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