Liplock Mini (2g) Classic Carrot

Designer: COMODA cosmetics

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LipLock by Membrane (carrot mint) is a very special formula designed for the extremely sensitive tissue of the lips and the equally sensitive tissue of the areola. It should be used daily for the maintenance of lip health, but is critical for use after lip pigmentation and tattooing of the areola.

It is vital that PMU artists understand the complexities of lip tissue, as it is constantly being broken down by saliva. Saliva is the first step of digestion and interacts with tissue as you would expect.

Lip procedures carry unique risks such as trauma, color loss, cold sores, bruising and infection. The ingredients in Membrane LipLock are specially selected and formulated to support the needs of lip tissue and minimize potential developments of inflammation.

These ingredients, assembled from around the world, are of the highest quality, with some ingredients distinguished by a single annual harvest.