Magical Device Full Pro Kit by Pmu Specialist

Designer: PMU specialist

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The Magical Pen

is made of ultra-light aluminum, machined by a numerically controlled precision lathe and was hand-finished and assembled with the utmost care in Italy.

is specifically designed for semi-permanent makeup, as shown by its sophisticated design, ideal for the fine or feminine hands of beauticians.

excels at any type of performance on eyeliner, eyebrows, lips or areola, allowing the PMU Artist to proceed throughout the session in total comfort with a free choice in choosing the most appropriate tension, drive and needles to achieve the desired result.

the pen is virtually vibration-free, incredibly quiet and precise, and excels at pigment insertion, thanks to its gentle stroke that reduces trauma usually inflicted on the skin.

Technical Specifications:

The beating heart of this machine is a German Faulhaber 9V motor of the latest generation, whose name is synonymous with durability and reliability at an international level, and power is entrusted to a high quality light RCA cable of 170 cm, included in the PMU Specialist case.

A fundamental precaution is to always carefully protect the pen during working sessions, with suitable grip tape or barrier film, this to avoid residue and contamination of any kind.


Motor: 9 Volt

Needle stroke: 3.50 mm

Connection: RCA protected by the frame

Material: anodized aeronautical aluminum

Weight: 68 gr


length 110 mm

head 17 mm

tail 28 mm

Color: black

RCA cable Included