Set Lips - Envy by Tina Davis (6x15 ml)

Designer: Perma Blend

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"Try It - Draw it - Ink it - Blush it…. Lip Blush, redefined."

This Tina Davies I ❤️  INK ENVY Lip Collection is a lip pigment set with the most popular and iconic colours for every woman. The pigments consist of a collection of deeper pink, berry and neutral shades. With this set every PMU specialist has a nice collection of warm and feminine pigments for full lips, lipliner & shading applications.

The set also includes additional tools to get started right away: 6 matching Lip Blush stains, 6 matching Lip Pencils, 1 colour chart and 10 disposable Lip Blush Stains applicators.

The set contains the following 6 colours of 15 ml:

  • Nude - A lighter-value pigment that produces a very soft, neutral result
  • Cinnamon - A warm pigment with light-to-medium value
  • Dusty Pink - A cooler pigment with light-to-medium value that produces a very soft, neutral result
  • Pink Rose - A deeper neutral pink-red pigment
  • Magenta - A cool rosy-purple pigment with a medium to dark value
  • Wine - A very cool pigment with a dark value

This set also contains the following extras:

  • 6 matching Lip Blush Stains
  • 6 matching lip pencils
  • 1 colour card
  • 10 disposable Lip Blush Stains applicators

The ingredients of the Perma Blend pigments are a combination of powder pigments, sterile aqua, resin, glycerine, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol. The pmu pigments are (gamma-ray) sterilised, vegan and animal-friendly. All are CTL (EU) approved. If you want to know exactly what ingredient each pigment contains, you can download SDS sheets from the Perma Blend website or request them from us via email.