Disposable micro blading pen #U18 (10 pcs)

Designer: COMODA cosmetics

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Disposable microblading pen #U18

Hair strokes injected with 'knives' is the microblading technique in the field of permanent make-up. The eyebrows are pigmented with a sterile packaged disposable blade that makes it possible to apply wafer-thin indistinguishable eyebrow hairs in the skin with one smooth movement. We call it a blade, but in reality it is several needles in a row.

With this 3D hairstroke technique, you make small scratches in the skin with the 'knife' after applying the pigment. The PMU pigment remains beautiful for up to two years, depending of course on skin type and lifestyle. A treatment can be done in only 15 minutes and is thus very fast compared to the traditional permanent make-up, injected with PMU equipment. This side effect is not only nice for the PMU artist but also very nice for the customer..

Benefits of hairstrokes with 'blades'

  • Lifelike eyebrows, not to be distinguished from the real thing
  • Natural look
  • Very fine hairs
  • No investment in equipment needed
  • Direct result

Packaging: Sterile individually packaged